Thursday, December 14, 2017

jeopardise & manic


-- They're also more likely to leave a negative review> So you jeopardize your select rides for the $2 rides because it's slow. 

-- I don't work NYE after 1030pm it's insanity. I don't need to anymore but do you want to know the secret to NYE where you absolutely make a killing......

Come back on at 8am and go right through to 8pm on New Years Day, you get all the couch surfers that want to get home. It's laid back and cruisy not manic like the night before. Plus all the other drivers are sleeping as they worked all night!!!!!


to risk harming or destroying sth/sb.

1. full of activity, excitement and anxiety; behaving in a busy, excited, anxious way;
2. connected with mania;

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