Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ill-informed & leadfoot


-- Uber preys on gullible ill-informed and the desperate. It's easy to sell hope and that's what Uber does. 96% of people leave within a year and they like to vent on the way out. 

Don't know that it's something to laugh about its just the way it is. No one likes being conned.

-- Mate, ease off the lead foot...  :)

You're still breaking the law....if you keep it up, one day you'll get caught....it not worth it..you save about 5 mins travel time
for a potential fine and loss of points which is more critical .....

I was a leadfoot too and lost my license for 6 months....bad habits are hard to shake off...
Stick to the limits and you don't have to worry about fines and points... :)
Just sayin


having or showing little knowledge of sth.

a person who drives a motor vehicle too fast, especially habitually. 

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