Friday, June 9, 2017

hibachi & jujitsu


-- The Adelaide guy that came to our shop called himself Horace the Languid Loris and demanded we flame grill him a banana on the hibachi. At one stage of the night he demanded that we DON'T refer to him as John Galt, so I don't know what that was all about.

-- One last thing before I head out for sat night, for those jujitsu practitioners out there,
my last pick up was a private job from airport to Narellan.
It was none other than Professor Jean Jacques Machado, trainer of the one and only Mr Russell Peters (the comedian) as well as a host of professional MMA fighters.
As I am a long time Joe Rogan fan, it was quite a buzz for the last ride of the night.
Very honoured and privileged to be of service to a genuine giant and humble individual that's directly descended from MMA royalty.
Long live GRACIE Jujitsu.


a portable barbecue of Japanese design, with a base for the fire with vents under it and one or more adjustable cooking racks.

1. a Japanese system of unarmed fighting devised by the samurai, or the martial art based on it;
2. a sport in which you fight with someone by hitting them and throwing them to the ground.

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