Thursday, June 8, 2017

attire & skid


-- Shorts, thongos, and whatever tshirt is on top of the pile is the correct uberx attire for me. Without any dress code you might aswell be comfy. Opening and closing of doors along with helping out with luggage is pretty standard and what everyone does yeah?
Only time i was slightly annoyed with loading an item was picking up a dude from startrack in botany. This guy spoke english ok but was a fair bit off from being fluent. Saw him at the front of the business park, started trip as i started to exit the business park and he tells me he has to pick something up from inside at startrack so i drive back in there to startrack. The package was a 95kg safe on a small skid. I was a bit reluctant at first wondering if it would fit into the car or even damage the car so told him that i couldnt do it. Then he was saying how he already had ordered an uber that wouldnt do it. Since it was an ok fare up along the northern beaches somewhere i asked him if there would be someone to help him carry it out of my car, to which he said yes. So after this i went back to the shed telling the forky that i'll take it and said he'll try to load it into my boot but didnt want to claim for any damage done. Having done forky warehouse work before i figured we'd give it a shot. The damn thing didnt quite fit into my boot because of the skid. I tried cutting the metal strapping to get the skid off so the safe will fit but wasnt happening. After a while i thought we could probably just attempt to lift it out and load it onto the back seat and told him if we couldnt do it i'll be leaving. It fit onto the back seat all seatbelted up and drove off to the address where it was already raining and apparently his mate wasnt there to help him out. Since he was at least 50 i couldnt let him do it himself and so we carried the bloody heavy safe up the driveway and then the 20 stairs to his front door. He said thanks and i walked back to my car to wipe down my now wet back seat and end trip. This dude was following me all the way to the car to make sure i ended the trip, and once we got to the car he's like "end trip yeah? the trip, finish". After a couple of minor scratches on the boot mat and some splinters from the skid along with some scrapes on my arm, thats probably the only annoying pax experience ive had as an uber driver


the clothes that someone is wearing.

1. a low pallet on which goods are loaded for handling or transport;
2. a flat wooden structure used for moving heavy objects

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