Tuesday, May 9, 2017

roadkill & improvise


-- It also shows why driverless taxis will never succeed. Just imagine if this happened to a driverless taxi, they would not be able to move. At least human beings are able to improvise.

-- I use Google Maps for Ubering, Waze for personal driving. I don't want pop-ups that I have to dismiss for every little thing Waze users report seeing along the road when I'm more interested in reading street signs than I am about roadkill in one half mile. But when I'm alone and offline I like to know where the cops are hiding.


the killing of an animal by a car hitting it on the road.

1. to do something without preparing it first, often because the situation does not allow you to prepare;
2. to make something from whatever is available, although it is not what you normally use;
3. to perform or compose something, especially a sketch, play, song, or piece of music, without any preparation or set text to follow;

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