Wednesday, April 26, 2017

relay & back down


Had a pax tonight relaying a story about a taxi ride he took with his girlfriend on the weekend. 5 minutes into the trip, the cabbie answers a personal Face Time call and proceeds to chat with 5 of his mates who were all hammered at a party. The pax said to him "Mate, what are you doing, turn it off" only for old mate cabbie to get aggro and say he can do what he likes. Pax then told him to turn it off and take me where I'm going safely or I'll report you. You are endangering our lives. Cabbie allegedly backs down and drops them off at destination. Pax and girlfriend alight cab and don't pay cabbie (allegedly). Old mate cabbie blows up deluxe. Pax says if I pay, I'm reporting you. Cabbie keeps blowing up, but backs down again, does a Uturn burnout across busy road/double lines when leaving and nearly hits another car in the process. I said he really should have reported him in any event and that it wasn't too late. Pax said he couldnt be bothered, he got his freebie. What the?!


to receive and send on information, news, etc. to sb.

back down:
1. to abandon a claim, opinion, or commitment because of the degree of opposition it arouses;
2. to admit that you were wrong or that you have been defeated;

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