Monday, April 17, 2017

pig & unbeknownst


-- On Good Friday I picked up two birds from Arncliffe (straight out of the airport geofence, bada bing bada boom) and took them to a mini music festival just off Sydenham station. Dropped them off, headed through Marrickville, get another job, two lads going back to the same festival. 

One found a set of keys, I assumed they were the previous pax. What to do? Uber office closed for four days, poor bird has lost her house and car keys. Sh!t way to start a log weekend so I figure that since I'm heading back to the place anyway, I would talk my way in to the event and find them. 

After explaining myself t several dumbarse security people, and eventually referred to the event manager, I was granted access, but told that I'd have slim chances of finding the girls in a 2,000 strong crows. No problem for me, challenge accepted - the live music throng is an environment I'm very comfortable in navigation, being a gig pig myself for the past three decades. 

And bam - found them within one minute. Lass seemed grateful. I guess. Grateful enough for a tip ? Noooo, of course not. I've spent the last 15 goddamn minutes trying to gain access to the gig, and unbeknownst to her, I could have gone back in my own time. 


1. an unpleasant or offensive person; 
2. a person who is dirty or greedy;

1. happening without a particular person knowing about it;
2. without being notice or seen by anybody;

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