Monday, March 27, 2017

upper-crust & spit



John Bell: [uppper-crust, spite upon; revile;crack;] Of course, of course, it's his characters who talk. And, yes, it's necessary that we see a society that is discriminating against the minorities. I think it's even more apparent with Merchant Of Venice which is a very disturbing play. It's about discrimination. The only people who belong here are the sort of the upper-crust white Venetian people, nobody else is welcome. Portia doesn't want the French or the English or the Spanish, and the least of all, the Jews. You've got to belong this exclusive white club. And Shylock is spat upon and reviled and abused, and finally cheated his money and his daughter. It's no wonder he cracks at the end.


the people who belong to the highest social class.

1. to show anger, contempt, or hatred by or as if by expelling saliva;

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