Thursday, February 2, 2017

carjacking & brothel


-- I think to myself maybe i'm being set up for a carjacking so i quickly lock my doors and drive off. It's a dead end street so i had to turn around and go past them again. As i go past them they stare at me and a girl walks onto the street and waves me down. I (stupidly) stop and let her in. She was so rude and unpleasant the whole trip but at least she didn't attack me. When the trip ended I googled the address and found out it's actually a brothel and my passenger was a sex worker. I'm still not sure why those thugs came towards my car though. Anyway be careful of this place and think twice before accepting a ping. End of rant.


the crime of forcing the driver of a car to take you somewhere or give you their car, using threats and violence.

a house where people pay to have sex with prostitutes.​

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