Friday, December 2, 2016

veteran & profundity



Kate Mulvany: [crystallise;encapsulate; hone; veteran;] Well, he teaches me a lot of things. Of course, he teaches me as a human because of the way he crystallises and encapsulates a moment, you know, word, or you know phrase, what he teaches me as a playwright is extraordinary though too, as I mentioned before, I love that he can take the epic of a battlefield then we can hone in on Brutus and Cassius speaking about what it is to loyal to one another and what it is to be a friend and ... there are something so human about seeing the man behind the solider. And for me that's really important thing as a human. My dad's Vietnam veteran and who did not speak and I found a lot of the answers of what I was looking for my dad through Shakespeare, the way the soldiers spoke to each other, the way they talked about the war when they got home, and it's through those sorts of passages and phrases and narratives and characters that Shakespeare gives us that we can find ourselves, we can find our family, we can find our love ones, we can find other ways into our own human existence. 

Tony Jones: [profundity] John Bell, before we began, you were asked during the warm up, what your favourite Shakespeare play was, you said King Lear, because it's the most profound. What did you learn from that kind of profundity? Or what do we learn? 


1. a person who has been a soldier, sailor, etc. in a war;
2. a person who has a lot of experience in a particular area or activity.

1. something that sb says that shows great understanding;
2. the quality of being very great, serious or powerful;
3. the quality of understanding or dealing with a subject at a very serious level;

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