Friday, December 2, 2016

psyche & degeneracy



John Bell: [psyche; degeneracy;] Well, I guess courage I think, the courage to look so deep into the human psyche and say man is capable of such cruelty and degeneracy.  No other playwright has gone that deep. I think, Beckett following Shakespeare's footsteps, went some of the way, but so uncompromising. And to think he wrote this play as a commercial piece of theatre, I mean, and wrote it for the King's Christmas Party, I mean, Christ, what a Christmas party. It's extraordinary courage, the scale of the thing, the ruthless examination of people's motives and pretensions. I suppose what Shakespeare teaches me more than anything is curiosity, unbounded curiosity. And openness to anything, everything. There is no barrier. He just takes whatever the universe can throw at him, and he'll turn it into something. 


the mind; your deepest feelings and attitudes.

1. immoral, depraved, or corrupt behaviour, or an instance of his;
2. a condition that is worse than normal or worse than before;
3. the process of becoming physically, morally, or mentally worse;

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