Wednesday, December 14, 2016

peeve & sbs pet peeve


-- My pet peeves

As a customer of Uber drivers one of my pet peeves is drivers not acknowledging you .

I get in the car , first thing I say is hello , if you cant say hello back then I think its arrogant .

I think a lot of these are ex taxi drivers who think " why should I pander to the customer ?"

I will give you an example , Uber pulls up , I get in the backseat usually .

Some ( most) dont even ask your name !!!

I say hello , they dont respond , so i tell them my desto , some still dont talk .

If you cant be civil to people or cant get along with people then its not a job for you .
Uber and Taxi driving are very difficult jobs as you need to be able to relate to all types .

Saying a quick hello as someine gets in wont make you a slave !

You dont have say it in question form like how are you ....just a quick hello with a smile , it doesnt cost much rather than staring out the driver side window as your passenger gets in !


1. to make somebody feel annoyed, irritated, or resentful;
2. something that annoys or irritates somebody;

sbs pet peeve:
something that you particularly dislike.

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