Wednesday, November 9, 2016

on one's feet & get/be hooked on



Kate Mulvany: [casting; on my feet;] She's an English teacher. Yes, my mum told me, I grew up in country western Australia, my mum said to me: you're not going to enjoy Shakespeare. We could either do literature, Shakespeare, or we could do Australian literature. And she said to me: do the Australian literature. So I actually studied John Romeril, Debera Oswald, Dorothy Hewett, Germaine Greer. I studied amazing, amazing Australian writers and thinkers and that was what encouraged me to become a playwright. It wasn't till I was at university and got a casting in Hamlet --  as Claudius, of all things --  that I kind of had to put my hand up and say, I've never studied it before and I learnt on my feet. And I think, I'm still learning on my feet. I do a lot of Shakespeare and I adore it, but I'm still catching up. So, I have a foot in both kind of fields, I guess, I love my Shakespeare, but first and foremost I'm an Australian writer.

Tony Jones: [get hooked on] Kylie, let's bring you in. How did you get hooked on the work of a white man from Britain who's been dead for more than 400 years?


on one's feet:
1. In an impromptu situation; extemporaneously;

get/be hooked on:
to be addicted to or to really like something.

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