Thursday, November 10, 2016

gammon & sonnet



Kylie Farmer: [by the name of; gammon; sonnet;] Another man by the name of Kyle. J. Morrison, who's the current artistic director of Yirra Yaakkin, has had a long held goal, I suppose, to translate, or have a full work translated into Noongar language. He had opportunity recently in 2012 through Shakespeare's Globe to do that, but unfortunately, he did not have enough time offered to him, so we ended up putting together six selected Shakespearean sonnets, which I translated into Noongar language. I know earlier they said I'm a Shakespearean translator which is a little bit gammon, but I have translated six Shakespearean sonnets, so that's how I ....


1. false or meaningless talk that is intended to deceive somebody;

a poem that has 14 lines, each containing 10 syllables, and a fixed pattern of rhyme.

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