Monday, October 3, 2016

immerse & dude



Lisa Singh: [immerse] Absolutely, we all grew up learning Shakespeare at school, but then have gone on to continue to, you know, be able to immerse ourselves in Shakespeare every so often in the theatre, and you know, whether you want to laugh or you want to cry, Shakespeare always provides and as Germaine said it's always different and I think that's the beauty of it. 

Tony Jones: Joe.

Joseph Tawadros: [dude; verse] Oh, Shakespeare, I thought he was some Arabic dude, Sheikh Spear, as we'd like to say Shakespeare. Look, he's a great writer. I mean I'm not personally versed in Shakespeare. I'm more a Kahlil Gibran man myself. But, good, well done, Germaine. Sharman. 


1. to become completely occupied with something, giving all your time, energy, or concentration to it;

a man.

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