Monday, September 12, 2016

stark & hoodie


Ice and the high price parents are paying to get their children off it:

-- ​For the Butters family of Bacchus Marsh, the choice was stark: come up with thousands of dollars to book their daughter into private rehab, or see her slide back into a cycle of addiction, which had seen her drifting from one dealer's house to another.

-- "They have got steel doors. They don't have to answer them if they don't want to. I just put my hoodie over my head, knocked on the door … they must have thought it was just a drug deal, so the door opened," he said.


1. real, unpleasant and impossible to avoid;
2. looking severe and without any colour or decoration;

a piece of clothing with a hood that you wear on the top part of your body, usually made of thick cotton. Some people think that young men wear hoodies because they are trying to hide their face when they carry out criminal activities.

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