Thursday, September 29, 2016

didactic & whatnot



Germaine Greer: [didactic; whatnot; goal post;] I think we can't do without Shakespeare. He just - we keep having to use Shakespeare, turn back to Shakespeare, treat Shakespeare in different ways  and I've developed this notion that Shakespeare keeps the British sane, because the plays are so difficult. It's difficult to decide what they mean, because they are not actually didactic in that sense, they're not telling you what to think. They're making you think rather than filling you with notions of, you know, the divine right of kings and whatnot. Everything is undermined in Shakespeare. The goal post move all the time. And so we returned to Shakespeare when we're trying to understand the things like would it be better to be authoritarian and punish people for eating sugar, or would it better to persuade them not to be so stupid as to keep eating so much sugar. 


1. designed to teach people sth, especially a moral lesson;
2. telling people things rather than letting them find out for themselves.

used when you are referring to sth, but are not being exact and do not mention its name.

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