Sunday, September 18, 2016

crusade & curb



Lisa Singh: [plain packaging; crusade] That's where it starts. Let's do the research and then decide whether it should be a tax on sugar. And of course the Labor party is not scared of making those public health policy moves as we did with plain packaging of cigarettes in this country, a leader in the world on that. I think Jamie Oliver has been a real crusade in the UK on this. 

Tony Jones: [curb] Sharman Stone, the question obviously gets to, at some point, is it logical to treat sugar as we treat tobacco, to tax it, and indeed to make sure there are a suite of measures as the questioner asked in place to try and curb the use of sugar in this country. 



1. a long and determined effort to achieve sth that you believe to be right or to stop sth that you believe to be wrong;



to control or limit sth, especially sth bad.

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