Tuesday, August 9, 2016

the big end of town & underfunded



Lisa Singh: [big end of town; little if no tax at all; underfunded; rort; inertia;]Thank you, John. Well, the Labor Party is not unwilling, in fact, we are incredibly willing. We just wish the government would come with us on this. We have been saying for some time now that we need to stop the big-end of town getting away with paying little if no tax at all, and at the expense of ordinary Australians who live by the rules, pay their taxes, and our public schools and our hospitals being underfunded because of this rort, that multinationals and mega rich, the 800 that's come out of the Panama papers, are getting away with, so the ask to Malcolm Turnbull and the Government is come onboard, be a part of Labor's plan to actually tax these multinationals, tax these mega riches Australians, stop protecting the big end of the town, and that way we can fund our public schools, although the government apparently wants to move away from funding public school altogether as of a week ago. Fund our hospitals, fund our public infrastructure, I mean this is a really important policy move that the government seems to face some inertia and continues to protect the big end of the town.


the big end of town:
important people or rich people;(?) or the part of town where important things happen and important people live;

not having enough money to spend, with the result that it can not function well.

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