Tuesday, August 2, 2016

session & rotten



Sharman Stone: [session; maim;rotten;] It is. Yes. Lisa you might have been at the session we have in Parliament where an extraordinary woman speaking on the international day of domestic violence, pointed out that she had lost her leg, that her husband has shot her in the bed, killed her two children, and one of the most commonly asked questions of her, from others was: what did you do to him? To have stimulated such terrible violence, and she said she was so shocked she was asked this so often, what did you do to him? And finally she said I was just breathing, I was just alive that he chose to perpetrate such terrible violence, killing his two children and maiming her, disabling her permanently, who then killed himself. But the point I want to make is we can not go blaming the victim and say it's her fault because she has not left. It's the most dangerous time for the woman and her children when she does choose to leave. She's more likely to be killed when she does choose to say it's over, I'm going and on average, a woman tries 7 times in Australia to pack up and leave. I think what we've got to do is training our women and our girls,the children who themselves observe domestic violence during their upbringing, this is not acceptable, this is not right, make sure the women become financially independent as they're educated and are given decent career, so that they can walk away and not be financially dependent on a man who is abusive of her. It's a whole range of things we've got to do, but never blame the victim, the woman because she has not walked away or she has chosen a rotten man to be the father of her children and she can't escape without endangering their lives.  


1. a formal meeting or series of meetings of a court, a parliament, etc.; a period of time when such meetings are held;

1. very bad;
2. dishonest;
3. that has decayed and cannot be eaten or used

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