Friday, August 12, 2016

forensically & get away with murder



Sharman Stone: [forensically; look into; turn a blind eye; revelation; ]Okay. We do have an election coming on. I grant that, but to suggest that Labor's hero in regard to making in sure we don't have the best -- or to try and overcome problems of people not paying tax by dodging out of other countries has been, in fact, the Coalition who has pursued the offshore arrangements that people who have made. Remember the Apples and the other companies that we're really forensically accounting, looking into with their accounting processes. And we certainly are not going to turn a blind eye on any of those revelations. Any one who dodges or avoids their tax is clearly avoiding their corporate responsibilities. And whatever revenue's raised needs to go to the right place. So, you know, it's a nonsense to suggest Labor is a hero with catching bad guys avoiding tax and the Coalition isn't. That's just a rubbish suggestion ... 

Lisa Singh: [get away with murder] We've had on - We have had a policy for some time now to stop this multinational tax evasion. It's taken the Panama Papers to actually put more of a light on it,  and Malcolm Turnbull and your government's continued to ensure that the big end of town get away with murder of this ...


The adjective forensic comes from the Latin word forensis, meaning "in open court" or "public." When you describe something as forensic you usually mean that is has to do with finding evidence to solve a crime. It could also mean that it has to do with the courts or legal system.

get away with murder:
1. to escape punishment for or detection of wrongdoing;
2. to do whatever you want without being stopped or punished;

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