Wednesday, August 31, 2016

come on & senstive



Joseph Tawadros: [come on] Conchita. Thanks. Thanks a lot. I come on national TV to be called Conchita. Thank you. 

Tony Jones: You call yourself Conchita, to be fare.

Joseph Tawadros: [sensitive] Yeah, I know, to be honest. No, look, it's very  - this is how I see it. The society is moving very quickly. There's still a lot of people that they don't understand transgender, I don't understand all the aspects of transgender people. But I just have to respect that and I don't know what they're feeling and I don't know how it is to feel trapped in another body, so I can not comment on that. But I can respect their decision and just be sensitive to what their require, because I think it's hard enough already I think with certain pressures in society and people do feel comfortable, may feel comfortable in a different body and I've got to respect that.


come on:
1. to appear or speak on television or radio;

1. aware of and able to understand other people and their feelings;
2. ...

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