Tuesday, August 2, 2016

breakthrough & grog



Joseph Tawadros: [breakthrough] And I assume these people, I mean, for me, just imagine a man hitting a woman and for that to be acceptable is just totally - I just can not imagine that. So, imagine the character of the person doing that is a total ownership of this thing and they submit and that - I think it's an incredible amount of fear and women that do breakthrough are extremely courageous and we have to kind of encourage women to be more courageous and to stand up to - because they are victims and we can not blame the victim. It's a very difficult situation and that's what we should look at.

#qanda: [grog] Ask any cop about grog and family violence - they go together.


an important development that may lead to an agreement or achievement;

1. a strong alcoholic drink, originally rum, mixed with water;
2. any alcoholic drink, especially beer;

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