Wednesday, August 3, 2016

and all that & taciturn



Theodore Dalrymple: [and all that] I think it's important not to say that people are just victims and nothing else, that I think is a mistake. If you think that you're being compassionate in telling people who do have some control over their lives because they do actually leave. In my experience, they all left and sometimes they found the same kind of person again. In fact, that was very often the case. At least, certainly I never accepted that woman was just a victim, she was a victim. The man, in my view, should be very severely punished and all that, but it wouldn't help the woman to think that she was the just the victim. 

Germaine Greer: [taciturn] I've just had to reread the Bronte novels, because I'm giving a talk at Haworth when I get back to England. And it seems to me that there is another story here about women which is that they are always on a lookout for Mr. wrong, for the guy who is exciting, who is taciturn, who is difficult, and potentially violent.


and all that:
used for saying that you could add other things to the ones that you have mentioned;

tending not to say very much, in a way that seems unfriendly.

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