Sunday, July 17, 2016

shibboleth & outrage



Germaine Greer: [shibboleth; outrage; misrepresent;] But I think there is another element here, which is the way in which we've used, the threat of being overwhelmed, I mean, what is Abbott's greatest achievement? He stopped the boats, but the boats weren't significant. They are a tiny proportion of the number of people who end up in Australia from other parts of the world and it has become shibboleth now, so that you're scared. If you're the one who actually makes it easier for people to come to Australia, you think "we'll never be elected again". And we somehow think that Nauru which is an outrage, it's a solution. I mean, why do we allow ourselves to be misrepresented on the world stage in this way. We look dreadful and we're teaching other nations to do the same thing


an old idea, principle or phrase that is no longer accepted by many people as important or appropriate to modern life.

1. an act or event that is violent, cruel or very wrong and that shocks people or makes them very angry.
2. a strong feeling of shock and anger.

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