Saturday, July 16, 2016

remiss & hostel



Sharman Stone: Indeed. [remiss] We're certainly taking every possible means to establish people's real identity, their character and whether they are going to be the ones who benefit best from coming to Australia. I think all of us would wish it was faster. There's a lot of royal communities have put up their hands and said "We'll have those people, please we need their labourers," as Germaine was suggesting. But we would also be very remiss if we imported people into Australia who weren't genuine in their want or desire to be resettled ... 

Sharman Stone: [hostel] I do. I do. Because that would not make sense. The states are busy organising themselves as well. You've got to remember when I settled directly into Shepparton the first Congolese, it took us 6 months to organise, because they had 10 kids in their families, to organise housing, accommodation, health, proper health support for them, a lot of them had deep traumas, we had to support them through. So, it takes quite a while to make sure that we don't just simply dump people in Australia in a migrant hostel and say "go to it". We do very careful settlement effort in Australia, as Lisa would know.


not giving sth enough care and attention.

a building that provides cheap accommodation and meals to students, workers or travellers.

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