Thursday, July 21, 2016

publican & nail down



Germaine Greer: [publican] But it seems extraordinary, does not it? We know that alcohol is also involved in other crimes apart from, you know, road crimes, violence in the street, all kinds of things and yet we don't in terms of can we stop people who can not drink without becoming dangerous from drinking. Is there a way we can identify them. We do know the publicans  are supposed to refuse drinks to people they think are already drunk. 

Tony Jones: [nail down] Germaine, let's hear what  the other panellists think about this. Lisa Singh, did Victorian Royal Commission miss an opportunity here to nail down one of the key causes of domestic violence? 


a person who owns or manages a pub or a hotel.

nail down:
1. to settled something finally or come to a final decision about something;
2. to make somebody be definite about something;

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