Friday, July 8, 2016

oud & virtuoso



Tony Jones: [aria; award-wining; oud; virtuoso] Good evening and welcome to Q&A. I'm Tony Jones. Here to answer your question tonight, outspoken Liberal backbencher, Sharman Stone; Aria award-winning oud virtuoso, Joseph Tawadros; iconic iconoclast author, historian and feminist Germaine Greer; Tasmanian Senator, Labor Senator, Lisa Singh, and retired English prison psychiatrist,  now Scholar-in-Residence at the centre for Independent Studies, Theodore Dalrymple. Please welcome our panel. Thank you very much and you can watch Q&A live across Australia on either ABC TV or ABC NEWS 24 and listen on News radio. We've got a lot to talk about. Let's go straight to our first question. It's from Peter Mikhail.


a musical instrument similar to a lute played mainly in Arab countries.

a person who is extremely skillful at doing sth, especially playing a musical instrument.

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