Thursday, July 14, 2016

metropolitan & mosque



Sharman Stone: [metropolitan; mosque; persuasion; when the balloons go up; victimise;] I don't think politicians are trying to do that at all. I think my own electorate which is probably the most multicultural outside metropolitan area. My oldest Muslim population, the Albanians, go back 80 years. There have been four generations now and the Turks were soon after them, I think, there is four -- five mosques in Sherpparton, another one in Cobram. We've also got a Sikh temple. We've got multiple Christian churches of all persuasions and our most recent refugees have come from Africa and are devout Catholics from Belgian Congo. So, we've got huge mix and the issue for us is how we make sure that everyone of those families has felt wanted, has -- is seen to be having a fair go in our education system, our training system, because in Australia the secret to success, I think, of our multiculturalism is our education system and then have access to work, and every time there is one of these balloons go up somewhere, radicalised youth is publicized somewhere, I sense a few unhappy looks on my local Muslim population. "Oh, no, is it coming to us? Are we going to be made to feel - Are we going to be victimised through this and we fight back and say "No. We are a caring community in the Goulburn Valley. I think that's really good.


1. connected with a large or capital city; constituting a large urban area, usually one that includes a city and its suburbs and outlying areas;

a building in which Muslims worship;

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