Wednesday, July 6, 2016

inside story & spin



Tony Jones:[breathe new life into; inside story; spin] And I'm afraid that's all we have time for tonight. I would love to come back to some of our panellists on that. But it's all we have time for. Please thank our panel, Brendan O'Neill, Kelly O'Dwyer, Richard Di Natale, Katty Faust and Sam Dastyari. Thank you very much, and next Monday on Q&A we'll head to the Melbourne Writer Festival to talk political writing, and with three former politicians who went into print: senior Howard cabinet minister, Peter Reith;  former Queensland premier Anna Bligh; rural independent, Tony Windsor.  Will he come back into politics and the Australian publisher who breathed new life into political writing, Louise Adler. Are political memoirs the inside story or just one last chance to spin, until next week's Q&A, goodnight.


inside story:
information or explanation that is known only by people closely involved with something.

1. to present information or a situation in a particular way, especially one that makes you or your ideas seem good.

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