Monday, July 4, 2016

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Sam Dastyari: [outspoken; ethnic] Look, I think the part of - I think Bill Shorten, our party leader, has been very strong on this issue and been quite outspoken and came out the APL Conference and said that we do want to have a party that is able to achieve 50 percent of women in the federal parliament. The problem is that the political system and political parties and  major political parties in particular, were created, especially in the case of Labor party, 120 years ago by a group of white men and so much of the structure and how it's been created and the culture of these organisations reflect that, and the challenge is how do you break out of that, how do you actually become a party that creates environment that is able to attract a variety of different views and a variety of kind of women and not just female diversity but also ethnic diversity as well.  And look, you fundamentally do have a problem in a system where we have a federal cabinet which for a year and half, only had one woman, and now has two women. I think there is a problem within a system and I don't think it's just about Labor or Liberal. I think the Labor party does do it better than the Liberal party, but this is a problem for society as a whole. 

Richard Di Natale: [Tassie; frontbench] Look. Sam is right. I'm really proud to lead a party that's a majority of women in our party room and if you look now in some of our States, in Tassie,  we are an all women party. We have five out seven women in Victoria, I think it's because the culture we have. It's very healthy culture andit supports women right from the moment they join the party, right through to when they become members of parliament. The Liberal party have a major problem and good on Kelly for taking on it and naming it. It is a big problem. I mean, Brendan, you have to change things. You've to change the culture and the institution if you're going to get more women in parliament. It does not just happen magically. You know, the frontbench say said that they - I think it was Tony Abbott said that his frontbench was selected on merit. Now, I've worked very closely with some of that frontbench and I can tell you that merit was the last thing that got most of them there and they need ... 


1. a person from an ethnic minority;
2. connected with or belonging to a nation, race or people that shares a cultural tradition;

a Tasmanian;

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