Wednesday, July 27, 2016

epilepsy & disinhibit



Theodore Dalrymple: [as it happens;breakdown; arrangements; epilepsy; strangle;] Well, it's a - that's a very interesting question. As it happens. I examined about 400 women who had suffered violence from their sexual partner every year for about 15 years. And so I'm familiar with the problem. Unfortunately, it's a very complex one. But if I said that, in my view, the main driver of the, certainly, the domestic violence that I saw was actually jealousy, that was the most powerful factor before there was a violence. Now again, in my view, the sexual jealousy increased enormously, and one of the reasons that it increased enormously was the completely breakdown any kind of arrangements, accepted arrangements between men and women. And the men, many of the men in my - I worked in a poor area, many of the men derived almost all their self-respect and self-importance actually from the exclusive sexual possession of women while themselves being very unfaithful. And many of the women, for example, who were very badly abused, believed the most astonishing things in my view, for example, the man would claim that he couldn't help himself, and the woman would accept that he couldn't help himself and would regard the violence as a form of epilepsy just comes over him and woman would say:" his eyes go and then he hits me or strangles me, one said, but not all the time, doctor. He did not strangle her all the time. And then I would just ask a very simple question: would he come and do it now in front of me? And oddly enough that would change her whole outlook on the situation. It seemed a very simple thing to say which she never thought of it. So, of course, there is something very odd going on, but I think the fundamental problem that I saw, certainly, in my experience, which was fairly extensive, I must have seen thousands of cases, was extreme jealousy. 

Germaine Greer: [disinhibit; category mistake; beat up; talk into; patch up; as best one can;] And that what happens when a man is disinhibited by drink, is he gives in to his - but it's also there's some self-loathing there, with self-loathing for his own sexuality, and sexual desires and requirements and so on. The major reason given by the royal commission in Victoria, as I understand it, was gender inequality, which  struck me as a thought of category mistake, you were putting the phenomenon as the cause of the phenomenon. It's not gender inequality that makes a man belt a woman. It's actually an evidence itself of gender inequality. But there's also women are apt to think that even when they are being beaten up, is because the person who is doing it loves them. They will talk it into an expression of love, and then when they get the repentance, the post-drunken repentance, they will forgive and they will go and get themselves patched up as best they can, and they'll carry on hoping that it doesn't happen again.


a disorder of the nervous system that causes a person to become unconscious suddenly, often with violent movements of the body.

to help sb to stop feeling shy so that they can relax and show their feelings.

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