Friday, July 22, 2016

enabler & resort



Lisa Singh: [enabler; resort] Well, one of the key causes of domestic violence, Tony, is the violent perpetrator, him or herself. Of course, alcohol can be an enabler that can result in that particular individual then acting violently. But it's still the violence within the person themselves that has resorted into them doing what they are doing. I'm sure that there are a number of very good recommendations that the Royal Commission have gone through and I trust that they have. They have done an incredible amount of work into this. But of course, alcohol does need to be a part of that. Alcohol does have effects on our communities whether it's in the home or outside the home, we know that very clearly, but what we also know is that family violence is an issue that spreads beyond just alcohol. It happens with or without alcohol, so we do need to look more at the root causes of what causes someone to hurt their partner, their wife, their child in such a grievous way which often ends, as we know, in the deaths of too many women in this country. 


a person or thing that makes something possible.

1. the act of turning to somebody or something for help in dealing with a problem;

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