Tuesday, July 19, 2016

desex & deign



Germaine Greer: [act upon; desexing; deigned; cash cow; ] Oh, thank you. Well, it is very curious thing that the royal commission into domestic violence in Victoria has put in 227 recommendations which we've been told by the premier will all be acted upon, now all this is very weird because you can not find out what those 227 recommendations are without downloading the whole 8 volumes of the report which will probably cause your printer to have a heart attack and chew up all the remaining bits of paper. It's almost as if it's meant  to be a secret what these 227 things are. They are all to do with policy about how to deal with women and children in danger of domestic violence. In Europe you couldn't produce a report like this without desexing the perpetrators who are in this report all men, which is also wrong, but only one of the recommendations deals with alcohol, even though it's understood that alcohol is implicated in the majority of cases. This was apparently because they wanted the perpetrators to take the full guilt. I'm explaining a situation they haven't deigned to explain, but it's very curious and I can never understand why we keep pretending that alcohol is not a serious problem in our society. Why do we keep apologising for the alcohol industry? Apart from the fact that it's a cash cow, that it's heavily taxed and maybe ... 


to remove the sex organs from an animal or person;

to do sth in a way that shows you think you are too important to do it.

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