Monday, July 11, 2016

croft & philoprogenitive



Germaine Greer: [entity; expropriation; croft; philoprogenitive; dynamism; atrocity; foolhardy;] Well, if you think about the people who flee before the storm, if you think about Australia, if you think about the arrival of the convicts who were themselves a political entity, many of them Irish, many of them with background of protest and rebellion against their expropriation in Island and the - and likewise the Scots who'd been kicked out of their crofts. You know, the people who came to Australia and took the land, invaded the country, took the land from the Aborigines, were people who'd been expropriated themselves. We've got to understand something about what causes people to abandon everything they know and love. You know, people who come from the northern hemisphere to Australia will dream of the skies of home all their lives, because that is the landscape of their childhood. We're are all descended from people who were refugees. We can call them economic refugees, but it's the same thing in the end and we ought to understand the mindset and we ought to understand the suffering. All kinds of people are anxious about the fact that the Muslim nations are philoprogenitive. The Russians are terrified. Their birth rate has dropped to less than replacement, and already you are beginning to see people trying to build barriers against the dynamism of the Muslim populations in the ex-Soviets. We've got to not to be afraid. We've got to be patient. We've got to be accessible. We've got to listen. I think it's quite wrong to suggest that sizeable proportion of Muslims in England are terrorists. It doesn't take very many terrorists to perform an atrocity and to then characterize a whole huge group of people, most of whom are performing essential work in these economies. To criminalize them because of this element in their population is foolish. It's foolhardy. It's dangerous. It's stupid. Let's not to do it. 


a small farm or the house on it, especially in Scotland.

1. producing a large number of offspring;
2. loving children, especially your own offspring.

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