Friday, July 1, 2016

consensual & consolatory



Brendan O'Neill: [autonomy; infantilize; feminism; obnoxious; consensual; consolatory; rehabilitation; on one's own;] These are autonomous adults. They have freedom. They have autonomy and the problem is that women are being infantilized by this process. So much of modern feminism actually infantilizes women by treating them as incapable of negotiating public life on their own without the assistance of the government or targets and so on, and the thing I find really obnoxious about this discussion is the idea that women make politics more consensual and more consolatory and more friendly and what you have is the rehabilitation of the old prejudice that this is the fairer sex, that they are mothering, that they are caring, my political heroines are not - were not consensual. Bernadette Devlin, the MP for Mid Ulster in the 1970s who strode across the house of commons and punched the home secretary in the face when he lied about bloody Sunday. She wasn't consensual. This idea that women are more consensual than men, more caring, more motherly is actually, in a PC form, it rehabilitates an old prejudice. I think we need let women go, let them run with on their own, and they will make it on their own. They are not children. They are adults.


1. which people in general agree with;
2. which the people taking part have agreed to

intended to make sb who is unhappy or disappointed feel better

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