Saturday, July 2, 2016

conciliatory & paraphrase



Tony Jones: [conciliatory] Okay. All right. I think, okay, Brendan, I think you've made that point. Let's hear from Kelly O'Dwyer and I want to hear from the other panellist as well. Are you feeling conciliatory.

Kelly O'Dwyer: [paraphrase; factional; warlord; grassroot;] I would recommend, well, you know, I would recommend that you read my interview in full. I don't think you've paraphrased it very accurately at all. But the point I would make is I think it's actually important that in the parliament, the parliament reflect a population and a diversity, and our parliament does not reflect our society. 50 per cent and more of our society is actually women and we don't see that reflected in the parliament. Now, all I am simply saying is not that you don't preselect women based on merit, that you don't preselect people based on merit, in fact, of course, you've got to get the right people for the job. What I'm simply saying is that we do need to acknowledge that particularly, you know, in my party, and I've spoken spoke about my party, the others can talk about their own parties here. But we do need to see more women in the parliament and that only by having a target can you actually measure your progress. We're not saying it's a quota, that it's defined. We don't have the sort of system in the liberal party which says the factional warlords can determine who should be preselected for particular seat, that's the Labor party. In the Liberal party, we have a grassroots organization and what I'm simply suggesting is that together with, you know, other female colleagues of mine, like Linda Reynolds, is we need to have targets.


having the intention or effect of making angry people calm.

a statement that uses different words to express something that someone has said or written, especially in order to make it shorter or clearer.

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