Sunday, July 24, 2016

absenteeism & onscreen



Sharman Stone: [concern; integrity; foetal; best-kept secret; intact; absenteeism;] Yeah, I think the whole business about domestic (?) or partner violence is lack of respect for the perpetrator of the violence. They don't respect the woman or the child. And alcohol, as Lisa has just said can be extra fuel on the fire, but the thing about alcohol that concerns me most is the violence done to the unborn child when there is a mother drinks while she is pregnant and then endangers the baby's brain integrity with foetal alcohol spectrum syndrome or foetal alcohol disorder, the baby's born permanently brain damaged and Australia has some of the highest rates, per capita, of FAS or FASD in the world. It's one of our best-kept secrets. We still have so many women who drink while they are pregnant, who deny this is even - you know, an issue, a real life medical phenomenon, so we know have national strategy, I'm pleased to say having had a national inquire into this. Canada/US is leading a world in strategy, but in Australia, because our drinking culture is so strong, we believe if you are a middle-aged woman, you have a right to have your red with your dinner even though you're pregnant, at last, at 41, how dare someone tell you what to do with your body. Well, I think the baby's also got right to be born with their brain intact. So, alcohol is a huge issue in our society and we've got to really understand that drink responsibly is a great thing, important thing many people can, if there is however drinking irresponsibly leading to violence, accident, absenteeism from work, all of those issues or drinking while you're pregnant, why would you, as a nation, accept that as anything other than basically the human right of the baby being ignored. 

Tony Jones: [onscreen] We've got another question on domestic violence. Now I'll bring it to our other panellists to deal with that. Apologies to those you're watching at home. We're currently experiencing technical difficulties with onscreen Tweets, but our next question comes from Margaret McArthur.


the fact of being frequently away from work or school, especially without good reasons.

while appearing on the screen in a television program or film and therefore visible to the audience.

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