Sunday, June 19, 2016

run around & whistle-blowing



Sam Dastyari: {run around; whistle-blowing;] Yeah, this is - Look,  really look, sorry.This is something that the government has been kind of running around with and, of course, I did not and wouldn't. But, look, what we need in this space is a lot more transparency.  We need a lot more facts out there. We need a lot information, We need a lot more whistle-blowing, we need to make sure that we have people out there actually talking about what's going on, because the enormity of this. And, you know, one of the big ideas and again this wasn't the question, but I'll take the opportunity take about it, is ...


run around:
1. to spend a lot of time with sb/sth;
2. to behave promiscuously;

whistle-blower: a person informs people in authority or the public that the company they work for is doing sth wrong or illegal.

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