Thursday, June 2, 2016

pheasant & mutilate


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf: The Voyage Out

Taking seats in a carriage drawn by long-tailed horses with pheasants' feathers erect between their ears, the Ambroses, Mr. Peper, and Rachel rattled out of the harbour. The day increased in heat as they drove up the hill. The road passed through the town, where men seemed to be beating brass and crying "Water," where the passage was blocked by mules and cleared by whips and curses, where the women walked barefoot, their heads balancing baskets, and cripples hastily displayed mutilated members; it issued among steep green fields, not so green but that the earth showed through.


a large bird with long tail, the male of which is brightly coloured. People sometimes shoot pheasants for sport or food meat from this bird is also called pheasant.

1. to damage sb's body very severely, especially by cutting or tearing off part of it;
2. to damage sth very badly.

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