Monday, June 27, 2016

on the record & human capital



Richard Di Natale: [on the record; human capital;] India, in the next decade, have made their statement, that they would no longer buy not a kilo of Australian coal. They will be out of the coal business as far as Australian imports is concerned in the next decade. They are on the record as saying that. And so we have - we have a choice, you can continue to rely on those industries of last century, or you can have a jobs rich, pollution free future based on renewables, on high-tech industries, on increasing investment in science, in research, in innovation, that's where the future this country lies. It relies on those industries where we can make the most advantage of the grate human capital we've got in this country. We're not going to continue to build up our prosperity simply on minerals and resources. And we are the only party - the only party who is prepared to chart a vision, on that 21 century modern economy.


on the record:
said formally or publicly with the knowledge that it may be recorded or disseminated.

human capital:
the people an organization employs, and their skills, knowledge and experience.

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