Saturday, June 18, 2016

in the name of & get at



Katy Faust: [in the name of] Well, it's not wrong. And we know that it's not wrong because when kids lose a relationship of the parent, they really tend to suffer. I think most of us can look at our childhoods and say "That hurt. When I lost parent, that hurt." And so we don't want to inflict intentional motherlessness and fatherlessness on kids in the name of progress.

Sam Dastyari: [out of; get at] Thank you and actually Andrew Tran is a great blogger and he does a lot of stuff on this issue out of Perth. I have seen his tweets and that he writes quite a bit about it. So, it's nice to actually put a face to the tweets. Look, the point that he is, I think, getting at and I think it's the right point is a lot of what's going on is legal.


in the name of:
1. for the same of something;
2. by the authority of.

get at:
1. to discover or find out something;
2. ...

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