Monday, June 20, 2016

grassroot & medieval



Kelly O'Dwyer: [grassroot] So, the Australian Taxation Office under the treasury Joe Hockey has actually sent tax officials into thirty major multinational companies to try and understand at grassroots level, exactly what it is going on.

Brendan O'Neill: [medieval; sphere;convent; trainer; moralistic; displacement;] Yeah, what's with all this naming and shaming. When did politics become so medieval. It's like everywhere you go someone is naming and shaming. On twitter, in the political sphere, in the media. It reminds me of being back convent school when the nuns were always shaming someone for wearing make up or trainers or whatever it was. In my mind this chasing, this moralistic witch hunt of people who do not pay enough tax, it's actually adisplacement activity from talking about the economic problems that are faced across the western world.


1. ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organisation's membership;
2. the most basic level of an activity or organisation.

1. old-fashioned, especially because lacking modern enlightened attitudes;
2. relating to, involving, belonging to or typical of the Middle Ages in Europe;
3. relating to the period of European history between about the year 1000 ad and the year 1500

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