Thursday, June 16, 2016

facetious & broker



Brendan O'Neil: [oversight; facetious; broker; traditionalist;] It's about becoming part of a community. My problem, my problem with the gay marriage debate is that it actually increases the state's oversight a family life rather than decreasing it. So, the presentation of this as a liberal issue is completely facetious. This is about the state having the right to redefine the moral meaning of marriage. Now the modern state brokers marriage. It brokers it. It gives you a certificate. It says your are married, thumbs up, well done. This gives the state the right to redefine the moral meaning of marriage which has been an organic thing developed over thousands of years. For me, as a libertarian that's a step to far and I think for you to redefine a view that was standard for thousands of years as a bigotry, that in itself is a form of bigotry, because what you are saying is that you will not toleratetraditionalists, you will not tolerate religious people, you will not tolerate Christians.


trying to appear amusing and intelligent at a time when other people do not think it is appropriate, and when it would be better to be serious.

1. to arrange the details for an agreement, especially between different countries;
2. ...

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