Monday, June 6, 2016

canter & roomy


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf: The Voyage Out

Higher they went, until Ridley and Rachel walked behind; next they turned along a lane scattered with stones, where Mr. Pepper raised his stick and silently indicated a shrub, bearing among sparse leaves a voluminous purple blossom; and at a rickety canter the last stage of the way was accomplished.

The villa was a roomy white house, which, as is the case with most continental houses, looked to an English eye frail, ramshackle, and absurdly frivolous, more like a pagoda in a tea-garden than a place where one slept.


1. a movement of a horse at a speed that is fairly fast but not very fast; 
2. to move or make a horse move at a canter;

having a lot of space inside.

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