Sunday, June 26, 2016

be generally held & bleed



Jim Wilkinson: [be generally held; credibility; bleed;]  Senator there is a generally held view that your party is financially naive and lacks economic credibility. You can not rely solely on bleeding the wealthy any more than the government could last year by hitting the needy. You know, naming and shaming, as someone has just said, will not bring in any dollars. It's all good local politics, but that's all it is. Increasing the rate of GST must be a central part of any solution and if done properly, it need not be regressive. Will you, Senator, show political and financial leadership by working with a future government to repair our revenue base by increasing the rate of GST.


be generally held:
to be believed by a lot of people.

1. to force sb to pay a lot of money over a period of time;

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