Wednesday, March 2, 2016

berth & frill


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf: The Voyage Out

Instead of letting her mouth droop, dropping all her clothes in a bunch as though they depended on one string, and stretching her limbs to the utmost end of her berth, she merely changed her dress for a dressing-gown, with innumerable frills, and wrapping her feet in a rug, sat down with writing-pad on her knee.


1. a place to sleep on a ship or train, or in a caravan/camper;
2. a place where a ship or boat can stop and stay, usually in a harbour;

1. a narrow strip of cloth with a lot or folds that is attached to the edge of a dress, curtain, etc. to decorate it;
2. things that are not necessary but are added to make sth more attractive or interesting;

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