Monday, February 8, 2016

straw man & storm


Richard Di Natale: [straw man; storm; pluralist] and your case study demonstrates that. It's not biology that influences whether you've got a happy, healthy, well-balanced child. It's whether they grow up in a loving household and if there's any issue that kids growing up in environment with same sex parents have to face, it's the discrimination towards their parents, and it's that issue that we should be tackling, not this nonsense argument about whether people of the same sex should be able to raise a child. I mean, we've had that debate. That's gone. We're now having a debate around marriage and whether people should be able to marry. And look, Brendan, your issue of this is a straw man that suddenly all these advocates are out there waiting to storm cake shops, because they support gay marriage. It's nonsense. And of course,you've - I accept we are in a pluralist society and you have to accept that people have different views, but you should also be prepared to name it. And the issue with marriage is this for me, marriage is an expression of love and commitment between two people, that's what it is. Now, why do we say that one couple should be entitled to express that love and commitment publicly and yet another couple can not do that, the only justification for that is that you think that love between those people is somehow lesser. It's worth less. It's not as important and it's different and that's what prejudice is.


straw man:
1. somebody who acts as a front for somebody else's questionable or illegal activities;
2. an issue or person of little significance, put forward to be easily defeated;
3. a straw figure made to resemble a human being;
4. someone or something that is criticized or attacked but is not really important, powerful, or bad;

1. to suddenly attack a place;
2. to go somewhere quickly and in an angry, noisy way;
3. to say sth in a loud angry way;

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