Wednesday, February 24, 2016

prig & a man of the world


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf: The Voyage Out

This roused Ridley's attention. "Matthew Arnold? A detestable prig!" he snapped. 

"a pirg - granted," said Richard, "but, I think a man of the world. That's where my point comes in. We politicians doubtless seem to you" (he grasped somehow that Helen was the representative of the arts) "a gross commonplace set of people; but we see both sides; we may be clumsy, but we do our best to get a grasp of things.


a person who behaves in a morally correct way and who shows that they disapprove of what other people do.

a man of the world:
a man/woman who has had a lot of experience of life and is not easily shocked by things such as immoral or unusual behaviour.

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