Saturday, January 16, 2016

underpin & misgiving



Tony Jones: [spell out; underpin] Okay, on the Blog you do spell out some of your own religious views, along these lines: true Christianity would oppose the narrative that homosexuality is a positive and normal variation of human sexuality. Now does that belief underpin your opposition to gay marriage.

Katy Faust: [misgiving; upbringing; felt like; glowing; chitchat; brief;] Thank you for the question. I'll say that there are organisations devoted to giving Gini a voice. And there is nobody that gives a voice to kids that may express some misgivings about their upbringing. As a matter of fact, I was in Adelaide two days ago and in the 24 hour period I have two women come to me, two separately, one in person and one that approached me on twitter who said this was my situation: when I was young, I have never told anybody about it, both - one said for 20 years I have never shared how I felt, and the other one said it's been 30 years since I left that house and I never felt like I could talk to anybody, because it seemed like everybody else had this glowing, you know, household situations, and that didn't represent me. So, on that flight home, I was sitting next to a woman who is from San Francisco and we get into chitchat and she says: well, you know, what are you doing here. And I was like: well, you know - because, you know, Americans and they can be a little crazy - and I explained to her that the connection between marriage and children's rights. And she said, you know, that's so fascinating, I've never heard that perspective before. I have never considered that children's right was connected to the marriage issue at all. And so, while a few of us were able to get briefs into the Supreme Court. The truth is that the American public has never really heard the credible arguments on this issue from the other side, because we've been shut out of the media.


1. to support or form the basis of an argument, a claim, etc.;
2. to support a wall by putting metal, concrete, etc. under it;

feelings of doubt or anxiety about what might happen, or about whether or not sth is the right thing to do

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